Published 09/25/2019

This is an absolutely gorgeous work, through and through. I’m noticing that most modern day successes seem to have something in common: taking past songwriting styles that have had popularity and putting it through the lens of the present, be it in technical production, lyrical themes, or intended…

Published 04/23/2019

It’s not too far off from being a complete and overwhelming work of music. Putting aside its massive pop culture appeal, it has the makings of an engaging background structure with delectable energy, drive, builds, and contrasts to excite a listener. Having the “makings” of something doesn’t quite…

Published 04/01/2019

Strong delivery of emotion? Check. Thoughtful, heartfelt themes? Check. Good meta communication and organization? Definitely check. Surrounded by an enriching musical substance with which to take all of these strengths to a new level, as the artistic medium attempts to do? Eh, not so much.

I’m not saying…

Published 03/15/2019

There’s no denying that the pull towards Solange’s music isn’t just because of her last name. This album has a very intelligent and reflective spirit, doing well to settle the mind and give off a pleasant, even keel atmosphere while saying some important things along the way. The…

Album Analysis

I’m Sam Mullooly, founder of the music review platform Album Analysis. I provide in-depth analysis and critique of new albums in a unique, music-oriented way.

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